Onwards & Upwards


Everything has gone wrong … we are in turmoil … it’s our worst season ever … where’s the future?

So much rubbish is being written about Arsenal at the moment, so we like to turn things around and ask a few questions ourselves :

1. You supported Arsenal when we were winning so, where are you now?
2. Arsene Wenger is one of the best Premier League managers ever, who can replace him?
3. Players always come and go, their jobs are sometimes seasonal, how do you think they perform when you boo them? (What would you do if people booed you?)
4. Win, lose or draw, we support Arsenal evermore is our motto, what’s yours?

We are going to run a poll on social media to see what you think, there are no right or wrong answers, just be honest and tell us what you think and expect.


Change is inevitable

AFSC Nothing Lasts Forever

Our motto is : Win, lose or draw, we support Arsenal evermore.

Players come and go, as do managers, although in our case we have been lucky enough to have the best manager ever who not only gave us The InvinciblesĀ  and The Emirates Stadium, he has also created an incredible history of Arsenal always being in the top flight of football. (Just think how hard it must be being a Leicester fan at the moment.)

So what does the future hold? The simple answer is change as it is the only constant in life. If Arsene decides to leave, we will support a new manager. If players decide to leave, we will support new players. It’s not rocket science, it’s just football.

On Saturday it’s an early morningĀ trip to The Hawthorns to take on West Bromich Albion as kick-off is at 12.30pm.

What now?


We’ve seen it all before, we’ve heard it all before, that eternal chestnut of a question which is “What do we do after Arsene retires?” The answer is strikingly simple, we move on and keep supporting!

Arsene was very honest after our defeat in the Champions League this week, he’s not going to be here forever and it is unlikely that Arsenal will win every game they play once he has gone. Some fans and a lot of the media have very unrealistic expectations.

Remember our motto : win lose or draw we support Arsenal evermore.

On Monday it’s a trip to the Borough Sports Ground to take on Sutton United in the FA Cup, so let’s get behind the team and the manager and show what real supporting is.