Snoopers Charter


Investigatory Powers Act Update
30 November 2016

Now that the Snoopers Charter has been passed all ISP’s and Wi-Fi hotspot providers will be ordered to log all websites visited by people in the UK.

If you use any mobile device on or around these premises please be aware that AFSC London are NOT responsible for any data loss.

You are strongly advised to always have security software on you devices and that you only connect to Wi-Fi using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Arsenal 3 Bournemouth 1


Our goals were scored by Alexis [12 & 90] and Theo [54]

Once again it wasn’t the smooth flowing dominant Arsenal we all want to see, it was more huff and puff, chase and slip, let’s get lucky Arsenal. Alexis was at times a one man show, he runs for everything, makes himself available, chases back, scores great goals and then stand with his hands on hips thinking ‘Why isn’t everyone else playing like me?’

Do we all expect too much? After all, these reports are made up from the collective thoughts of the fans and so many times we hear, ‘lucky win today’ or ‘we’re sh*t but we’ll still be champions’, how is this possible?

Arsene this season has got an immense squad. When they are all fit the talent he has to pick from must make him scratch his head in frustration as he must think too ‘Why don’t they all play like Alexis?’

Laurent and Shkodran bossed the back, we like the fact they don’t get pushed around and they are great a getting stuck in. Nachos penalty was just stupidity, put your arm across a player to stop him going forward in the box and the ref is going to give a spot kick, it’s not rocket science.

Mohamed also had a good game, he’s a bit slow at times but he has that Ray Parlour enthusiasm that we like, the passion to win everything. Alex is just Alex, at times an unstoppable force, he just needs to barge his way into the first team and play every minute he can because he is probably one of the most complete players around.

Mesut has many many off days but to be frank, his off days still put him head and shoulders above everyone else in Europe. Theo is just an enigma, right place, right time, classy goal, job done.

Well next up is the visit of Southampton in the EFL Cup on Wednesday 30 November 2016 kick off 19.45

Win, lose or draw, we support Arsenal evermore.

Arsenal 2 Paris Saint Germain 2


Our goal was scored by Olivier [45 penalty] the rest were by PSG

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t nice and Arsenal played well below par but, as our picture shows, The Gunners are no push over, once again we did not lose in a game full of grit and determination.

It’s great being a Gooner at the moment, we watch our boys dominate and destroy one minute, then amble around looking lost the next. To us as fans it is mystifying as to why we can outpass and outclass nearly every team on the planet, yet we lack that killer touch to go for the jugular every time. Sometimes it seems like we are too nice when what we really need is an angry Tony Adams game where we boot everyone’s arse and the ball into row Z.

Still, nevermind, we didn’t lose and we progress in the Champions League and it’s that time of year again when we can all laugh at T*ttenham as they do their usual exit stage left scratching their heads wondering how they are going to fill Wembley.

Next up is a treat for us as Bournemouth pay a visit on Sunday 27 November 2016 kick off is at 14.15

What is nice is that The Cherries best player is our very own Jack Wilshire so, as he’s not allowed to play against us, it’s a chance to bag a thumping high goal home win to keep us pushing near the top for the title.