What now?


We’ve seen it all before, we’ve heard it all before, that eternal chestnut of a question which is “What do we do after Arsene retires?” The answer is strikingly simple, we move on and keep supporting!

Arsene was very honest after our defeat in the Champions League this week, he’s not going to be here forever and it is unlikely that Arsenal will win every game they play once he has gone. Some fans and a lot of the media have very unrealistic expectations.

Remember our motto : win lose or draw we support Arsenal evermore.

On Monday it’s a trip to the Borough Sports Ground to take on Sutton United in the FA Cup, so let’s get behind the team and the manager and show what real supporting is.

UEFA Champions League Preview

Bayern Munich v Arsenal 15 February 2017

It’s that time of year again, the hacks have got their knives out and Arsenal are going to do their usual crash out of the UEFA Champions League. Well this year is different, we have better players, we have players with mettle, we have players with experience, we have winners and we have fighters. Here is an interesting 10-step plan put together by The Telegraph which is quite amusing. Some of it might be right, some of it might be wrong, what is evident is the amount of effort put into publishing this, The Telegraph, closet Gooners? 😉

The Telegraph Groundhog Day Article

Website News

We have been away a while whilst we fixed a few issues but now we’re back, stronger and fitter than ever…just like Arsenal hopefully. Over the next month new features are going to rolled out and you will now find that this website is fully mobile compliant so it should work well on any phone or tablet. If you have any suggestions, queries or questions please email our webmaster. Arsenal football content to follow soon.