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AFSC House
AFSC House

Here’s where you’ll find us

We are on Facebook and Twitter just search for AFSCLondon

If you would like to contact us direct here are our email accounts. Please note that we are all volunteers so we will respond to requests as soon as possible.

General Administration Enquiries – admin@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Bar – bar@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Chairperson – chairperson@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Competitions – competitions@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Door Staff – doorperson@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Facilities Manager – facilities@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Fundraising Team – fundraising@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Gunflash Enquiries – gunflash@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Gunflash Subscriptions – gunflashmagazine@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Honorary Secretary – honsecretary@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club General Information – info@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Match Ticket Enquiries – matchtickets@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Match Day Programmes – programmes@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Shop – shop@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Travel – travel@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Treasurer – treasurer@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk
Club Website And Social Media – webmaster@arsenalsupportersclub.co.uk